1. When selling Home Theater Products, your primary focus shouldalways be on...
      a the product specifications.
      b the move from Analog to Digital.
      c the entertainment value of the product. d how much commission you can make.

 2. To accurately determine what your customer is seeking in a Home Theater system, you should...
     @ ask qualifying questions.
      b) give them a powerful presentation.
       c) play some loud heavy metal music. '
      d) wait for them to tell you what they need.

3. Dolby Digital 5.1 requires how many speakers?
      a) 4 (Front L&R and Rear L&R)
      b) 5 (Front & Rear L&R, and Center Channel)
      c) 6 (Center, Front &rear L&R, & subwoofer)
      d) Limited only by the power.

4. Customers looking for NV components will have many different needs, but the most important requirement for a Home Theater System is that
    a) include speaker wire.
   (!] has at least SOOw total power.
    c) sounds good.
         has an S-Video Output.

5. The best way to judge how good a Home Theater sounds is by listening to it...
    a) at home where it will be used.
    b) on the retail sales floor.
    c) in a professional sound studio.
    d) with top grade headphones.

6. For customers on a budget, this would likely be the best way to put even high-end Home Theater equipment within their grasp.
    a) Taking out a low interest loan and
         buying it all at once.
    b) Saving until they have enough cash.
    c) Buying it gradually, one piece at a
    d) Inheriting it

7. The receiver is an integral part of a Home Theater system. That's why it is often called...
    a) the control center.
    b) the work horse (it's used every day).
    c) a silicon miracle.
    d) none of the above.

8. When discussing speaker capacity with your customers, two terms commonly used are RMS and Peak Power. RMS stands for...
    a) Real Modulated Stereo.
    b) Root Mean Square.
    c) Instantaneous Peak Power.
    d) All of the above.

9. The amplification needed to reproduce the volume required for a simulated explosion is called...
    a) Instantaneous Peak Power.
    b) Continuous Power.
    c) Saturated Power.
    d) None of the above.

10. When helping your customers select a receiver and a speaker system, remember that a receiver and speaker combination will work best when...
    a) the impedances match.
    b) the gain matches.
    c) the input is from a CD.
    d) both have surge protection.

11. When component A has a signal-noise- ratio of 20 dB and component B has a SIN ratio of30 dB, then component B has...
    a) a 30% increase in noise.
    b) a 70% increase in signal.
    c) ten times More Noise.
    d) ten times Less Noise.

12. Total Hannonic Distortion below 0.10%
    a) bad.
    b) very Loud.
    c) inaudible.
    d) none of the above.

13. What type of cable uses a 4-pin system that transmits the chrominance and luminance portions of the video signal separately?
    a) Coaxial
    b) S-Video
    c) Twisted Pair
    d) RF

14. The simple truth about Home Theater is that speakers can either make or break a Home Theater System.
    a) True
    b) False

15. With the advent of Dolby Digital 5.1 sound, more customers are upgrading to full range speakers for the front, rear and center channel positions, as well as a full throated sub-woofer.
    a) True b) False

16. Subwoofers are used primarily to
    reproduce the low, ambient sounds that occur in real life.
    A) True
    B) False

17. A good qualifying question for a Home Theater system would be...
    a) "How big is your room?"
    b) "Is your room carpeted?"
    c) "Is the room square, rectangular or oval?"
    d) All of the above

18. The quality of the center channel speaker is critical to the overall sound quality of a Home Theater system. How much of the sound track does the center speaker reproduce?
    A) Just the midrange
    B) Only the Voices
    C) Over 50%
    D) All of the above

19. What is the most common factor contributing to speaker damage?
    A) Too much volume
    B) Distortion
    C) Poor Speaker Design
    D) Not using a Subwoofer

20. The comparison between a 15 watt and 300 watt light bulb helps a customer understand
    that watts generate A) heat.
    B) light.
    C) power.
    D) none of the above.

21. At the same amplifier power, a bass reflex design is less efficient and won't produce
    as much sound as an acoustic suspension speaker.
    A) True
    B) False

22. What standard of measurement is used to measure volume (loudness)?
    A) Joules
    B) Watts
    C) Current
    D) Decibels

23. Using the 4 Stages of Selling, during which stage would you place the remote in your customer's hand and point out the benefits of the product?
    A) Greet
    B) Present
    C) Qualify
    D) Close

24. The measures how
    well a cassette deck silences background nOise.
    A) Sound-to-Noise Ratio
    B) Signal-to-Noise Ratio
    C) Noise-to-Hiss Ratio
    D) Peak Power Rating

25. Dolby HX Pro doesn't requires decoding because it extends dynamic range and lowers distortion by adjusting the tape bias during recording.
    A) True
    B) False

26. When you hear someone talking about
    excellent clarity, precision and dynamic range, you're likely to hear the phrase
    A) Best Value
    B) CD Quality
    C) Audio File
    D) New Technology

27. Your customer brings in a tape deck for service because the tapes are dragging. What controls the tape speed in a cassette deck?
    A) Belt
    B) Motor
    C) Capstan
    D) Take up reel

28. Random play will automatically play different songs from different CD's in sequential order.
    a) True
    b) False

29. A customer is considering a new receiver for his/her Home Theater system. As you discuss connecting the new receiver to a DVD player, remember that digital outputs should never be
used with a digital receiver.
    a) True b) False

30. Optical transmission is the best way to carry wide-band signals because it offers ultra-low signal loss and ...
    a) immunity to RF interference.
    b) magnification of up to 10 times.
    c) light Filtering Conduits.
    d) all of the above.

31. A double sided, double layered DVD holds
    about times the amount of data stored on a CD.
    A) twenty five
    B) five
    C) two
    D) ten

32. The output format that separates the col{)r and brightness of signals like S-video but goes one step further -- dividing the color into two distinct parts for even greater color accuracy and
less color bleeding is called...
    a) RF output.
    b) Component output.
    c) Composite output.
    d) Continuous output.

33. DVD's output carries anti-copy signals that do not allow unauthorized copies to be made.
    a) True
    b) False

34. When describing the difference between VHS and DVD to your customers, one specification you can use is Signal-to- Noise ratio, which rates how clear the signal is. Standard VHS
VCR's deliver Signal-to-Noise ratios of about 40 dB. In contrast, DVD's deliver a Signal-to-Noise ratio of...
    a) 65 dB.
    b) .01%THDdB.
    c) Flat dB.
    d) 1000 dB.

35. When selling a VCR, you want to explain to your customers how the VCR will benefit them. Some of the benefits that appeal to many customers are...
    a) record programs to watch later.
    b) save time by FF through commercials. c) save money by renting movies.
    d) all of the above.

36. "How do you use your current VCR?" and
    "What do you wish it could, or do better?" These are examples of great...
    A) Leading questions.
    B) Qualifying questions.
    C) Warm-up questions.
    D) None of the above.

37. Standard televisions use analog circuits and only scan 525 lines. High Definition TV can have up to scan lines, for a more lifelike picture.
    a) 325
    b) 1080
    c) 5000
    d) 10 times as many

38. Slow motion, still and preview fast forward functions on a VCR are examples special effects that require a...
    a) Remote Control.
    b) 2-head HQ VCR.
    c) Double Azimuth 2 Head Arrangement. d) 4-head VCR.

39. In a 4-head Double Azimuth VCR, two of the heads are optimized for LP speed and the azimuth of the other two heads is optimized for the EP speed. This gives your customer a great
picture at the 4-hour recording speed.
    a) True b) False

40. The video quality of many VHS VCR's is
    improved by special circuitry called HQ. HQ is a combination of one of the following circuits -- Detail enhancement,
Brightness NR, Color NR -- and...
     a) Increased White Level Clipping.
    b) Decreased White Level Clipping.
    c) Increased White Level Amplification.
    d) Decreased White Level Amplification.

41. Tell your customers to always take advantage of their- inputs anytime they are available.
    a) S-video
    b) RCA
    c) IR
    d) RF

42. When talking to your customers about battery life, remind them that features like zooming and image stabilization are considered to be...
    a) high-end features.
    b) power guzzling features.
    c) unnecessary features.
    d) none of the above.

43. The higher the RMS figure, the louder and
    cleaner the music will sound.
a) True b) False

44. Using a C-30 VHS-C tape and the EP
    speed, maximum record time is limited to... a) 15 minutes.
    b) 30 minutes.
    c) 60 minutes.
    d) an hour and a half.

45. There is no such thing as a weak Digital picture. Digital signals are either perfect or nonexistent.
    a) True b) False

46. Just how much better is digital television? SDTV reproduces pictures about 10% better than today's best analog TV's, and HDTV produces a picture that's...
    a) SO% better.
    b) 100% better.
    c) 7S% better.
    d) about 30% better with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

47. Customers can purchase our RCA analog TVs with confidence, because they can add a converter box to receive digital broadcasts. A digital to analog converter
    box will allow analog TV sets to be used ...
     a) until 2010. .
     b) indefinitely.
    c) until 2006.
    d) DAC's cannot be used.

48. One reason movie theater sound is so realistic is because theaters use...
    a) Dolby Pro Logic.
    b) Dolby Digital.
    c) DTS.
    d) All of the Above.

49. One reason HDTV pictures are so clear and
    give 3D depth sensation is because it uses 1080 scan lines which illuminate 2 million pixels.
    a) True
    b) False

50. Most movies are made for the wide screen
and use aspect ratios of 1:8S:1. DVD's
    and HDTV support an aspect ratio of ...
     a) 4:3 (1.33:1).
    b) 16:9(1.78:1).
    c) Letter Box.
    d) All of the above.

51. To receive a satellite signal, your
    customers must a) have a clear view of the southern sky.
    b) be free of obstructions like trees,
         buildings, and hillsides.
    c) must live in the continental U.S.
    d) all of the above.

52. All television broadcasts will be digital by 2006.
    a) True
    b) False

53. It is important to remind your customers that to automatically order pay-per-view programming, all satellite receivers must
    be attached to...
    a) a computer.
    b) a phone line.
    c) Blockbuster video.
    d) none of the above.

54. Most surge suppressing devices are rated
    by --'--- and display the _label.
    a) Federal Trade Commission/FTC
    b) Federal Communications Commission/ FCC
    c) Underwriters Laboratories/UL
    d) RadioShack/RS-certified

55. Weather weakens a digital signal, creating
    ghosts and interference.
    a) True
    b) False

56. It doesn't take a direct lightning strike to
    damage electronic equipment. Power surges can enter your Home Theater
    System via the a) Phone line.
    b) AC line.
    c) Cable line.
    d) all of the above.

57. Each side ofa DVD can store more than 12 times the amount of data possible on a CD, but the player can still play music CDs.
    a) True
    b) False

58. When a customer wants to use a VHS tape
    over and over again to record the nightly news, a Standard grade tape will...
    a) work satisfactorily.
    b) not work at all.
    c) fall apart after a few uses.
    d) leave excessive deposits of metal oxide on the tape roller.

59. Power surges cause 60-80% of all damage to electronic components.
    a) True
    b) False

60. Always assume your customers want the best. High quality cables md connectors... a) cost too much.
    b) make big differences in signal reception.
    c) are not a factor is sound reproduction. d) all of the above.