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JUN 8 Sammye Blair Smallwood
AUG 31 Jose Ramos, Jr 1977
AUG 31 Carol Wueste 1964
AUG 28 Moe Carroll 1965
AUG 29 Sabino Garza 1965
AUG 16 Mike Guillott 1964
AUG 25 Alejandra Hogan 1964
AUG 30 Richard Martin 1964
AUG 09 Mike Slaughter 1964
AUG 30 Refugio Rosas 1965
AUG 18 Fernando Estrada 1965
AUG 24 Enrique Cortinas 1964

Gallon of gas: 32 cents
Dozen eggs: 53 cents
Gallon of Milk: 93 cents
New Home: : 21,500

July 1965 Cover

Vietnam Casualties

Thomas D. Chennault
Juan D. Estrada
David Garza
Ramiro Herrera Jr.
Adrian L. Lynn Jr.
Ramiro F. Olivo
Erasmo Palos
Matias T. Rodriguez Jr.
David Chisum
William Mitton
Felipe Villanueva
Baltzar A. Maldonado
Felipe Maldonado
Pablo R. Gonzalez

In 1965 the war in Vietnam continues to worsen as whatever the Americans do including major bombing of North Vietnam they continue to lose more men , at the same time the Anti-War movement grows and in November 35,000 march on Washington as a protest against the war. There is also civil unrest with rioting, looting and arson in Los Angeles. This was also the first year mandated health warnings appeared on cigarette packets and smoking became a no no. The latest craze in kids toys was the Super Ball and The Skate Board. Fashions also changed as womens skirts got shorter mens hair grew longer as the The miniskirt makes its appearance. Sony introduces it's doomed Betamax Recorder and Hypertext is introduced for linking on the Internet. The St Louis Arch is completed and The Beatles release 4 new albums including "Help".

Juan Chavira..we appreciate him

I remember Juan during his senior class talent show when he gave a "declamacion" of "Porque me deje del vicio" which brought tears to all those in the audience and left a lifetime impression for all of us to remember and to cherish among all that which we remember about our youth and those times.

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In memory of

MONAHANS-"He felt like it was something that had to be done," the father of 26-year old Kenneth Jack Fletcher said Tuesday, "and he did it the best he could, just like he did everything else. "Personally, I think that if we're going to fight a war, we ought to fight it and quit taking these holidays off," said V. J. Fletcher. Fletcher's son was killed in Vietnam Feb. 6 when a vehicle in which he was riding struck a land mine and exploded. MORE.