Eagle Pass High School
Class of 1993
1993 Alfonso Lopez Coss 
1993 Angie Jimenez- Espinoza 
1993 Art Cosme 
1993 Aydee Barrera 
1993 Benito Barbosa 
1993 Brian Edlund 
1993 Carlos Bres 
1993 Claudia Guerra- Madding 
1993 Cristina McKinney- Mason 
1993 Cristina Puente 
1993 Danny Munoz 
1993 Danny Perez 
1993 Ellie Duran 
1993 Emma Chivis Salinas 
1993 Fabian Rodriguez 
1993 Frank Solis 
1993 Gianina Gomez 
1993 Glenda Lopez 
1993 Hall Bowles 
1993 Irma L. Jimenez Martinez 
1993 Isabel Chavarria 
1993 Jason Gonzalez 
1993 Javier Cardona 
1993 Javier Guerrero 
1993 Jerry Morales 
1993 John Heath Olguin 
1993 Klaudia Elena Krezdorn- Hidalgo 
1993 Kristina Kelly- Martinez 
1993 Larissa Saucedo- Ramirez 
1993 Laura Hiller 
1993 Laura Hiller 
1993 Leo Beytia 
1993 Lisa Rodriquez 
1993 Lourdes Ramirez 
1993 Marco A Hernandez 
1993 Maria E Valdez 
1993 Maribel Crdenas 
1993 Maribel Crdenas 
1993 Maribel Morin 
1993 Mario Martinez 
1993 Martin R. Guajardo 
1993 Migdalia Adan 
1993 Nacho Sandoval 
1993 Nelda Martinez 
1993 Patty Pete Rodrigues 
1993 Raul Pato Vielma 
1993 Raul Vielma 
1993 Robert Ruiz Jr. 
1993 Rogelio Lozano 
1993 Rolando Cordova 
1993 Saulo Alonso Rodriguez 
1993 Selinda Silva Chacon 
1993 Sergio De La Garza Diego 
1993 Veronica Gonzales 
Left Side column 

Class of 1993

The reunion organizing committee will be holding another meeting on January 15th at 6:30pm at Amigos in Eagle Pass. In anticipation of dealing with reunion expenses, the committee has planned their first fundraiser scheduled for February 16th. They will be selling a Chicken Plate with all trimmings. The location will be announced later. 

The committee is accepting any donations from alumni to cover the cost of the fundraiser. If you are unable to participated at this time but wish to donate, please contact 

Patty Pete Rodrigues 
at 830-776-9291 in Eagle Pass.

The committee wants to hear from all graduates and are soliciting suggestions about  the reunion. You can reach us by sending your email HERE.

Again, our next meeting is scheduled for January 15, 6:30pm at Amigos .