Dora Diaz
Class of ????

Terri Garcia Rodriguez
Class of 1983

Carmen Phillips Barrientos
Class of 1984

Yanira Garza
Class of 1982

Celeste De La Garza
Class of 1996

Violeta Arreola
Class of 2002

The City wants to know what you think

The City of Eagle Pass has been making major improvements in their use of the internet and one feature that can currently be found is a link for comments or suggestions about anything. We urge you to make use of this feature. COMMENT BOX.

On behalf of all the Eagle Pass Alumni I want to convey
our most sincere condolences to Tim Watkins (Class of 1970) upon the loss of his father this past Friday,  Herbert Watkins (taught at Colegio
Biblico for 20 years). The funeral is set for this coming Friday
 in Mission.

Eight high school football players arrested
By Robert Castillo
Web Posted: 9/21/2009

In a developing story today, its being reported that as many as eight starting football players from one of the local high schools were arrested sometime this weekend for
allegedly being in possession of alcoholic beverages. The arrests occurred at house parties with as many as fifty being arrested in total.

The question being asked is if this is going to compromise the football player's participation in football games scheduled for this weekend when Eagle Pass High School plays CC Winn High.

School officials are aware of the reported incident but are in the process of getting more details.

According to EPISD Superintendent, Chuy Sanchez, once all the information is gathered, the district will apply any sanctions as directed by current UIL rules.

EPISD Board President, Rodolfo Lopez expects to have an answer within the next two days and will make it public at that time.

Going Against Recommendations, County Takes on New Debt to Dig Itself out of Hole
The News Gram
September 17, 2009 
The problems have been years in the making and the Maverick County Commissioners are quickly running out of options. The court has relied on bond issues, tax raises and empty promises as well as get rich quick schemes in the last several years; time however is quickly running out and so are their options.  MORE

Maverick County tires of hearing budget blues
By John MacCormack - Express-News
Web Posted: 09/16/2009 12:00 CDT

EAGLE PASS — For more than two hours at a Monday budget hearing, the Maverick County commissioners listened as department heads begged for things as basic as postage stamps and working printers, and as sobering as mandatory repairs to the county jail.

“We have a letter from the Jail Commission. If nothing is done with this facility, next year they're going to shut it down,” Sheriff Tomas Herrera warned.

Broke as usual, Maverick County hasn't given its employees a pay raise in three years, and there is little hope for a balanced budget, new printers or raises. Some residents are fed up.

    Other Related Story

This does not compute
Amusing Musings
September 13, 2009
by Juan Valdez

It’s necessary now to re-visit and expand on an earlier issue.

     Imagine having to call a technician to do these little jobs (to name just a few) on your computer: add a font, change the desktop, switch the screensaver, add a bookmark to your browser, and enable or disable the popup blocker.

     Some EPISD staff and teachers already face this situation and all will eventually be in the same boat if the technology office ever completes its new, massive reconfiguration project of the district’s network and networked computers. More.

Border Patrol agents help in cleanup

Flooding aftermath continues - BP agents help out
File Story.

Border Patrol agents were among many others that helped those that were devastated by surging waters last week.  Ravishing floods hit the central part of Eagle Pass late Wednesday, September 9, 2009.  Over 121 families were affected but no deaths were reported.  

Local police were not able to respond to frantic 911 calls from residents trapped in the flash floods. Residents were told that they were not trained for water rescues, leaving residents to fend for themselves during the harrowing minutes which seemed an eternity to many of those affected. 

On Saturday September 12, over 200 volunteers from different groups showed at Saint Joseph Church on Comal Street to to help clean up homes of affected residents. 

Over 30 U.S. Border Patrol agents lifted heavy items like furniture stoves, and refrigerators.  Maverick County and City crews were also assisting in picking up brush, trash, and tires. 

Student groups from C.C. Winn and Eagle Pass High Schools also helped in this massive neighborhood clean-up.  The American Red Cross volunteers from New Braunfels, San Antonio, and Del Rio also participated. 

The Salvation Army has been feeding volunteers and victims since early Friday.

Texas governor sends Rangers to Mexico border
Perry accuses federal government of failing to ‘adequately secure’ zone

Associated Press
updated 4:29 a.m. CT, Fri., Sept . 11, 2009

HOUSTON - Special teams of Texas Rangers will be deployed to the Texas-Mexico border to deal with increasing violence because the federal government has failed to address growing problems there, Gov. Rick Perry said Thursday.

"It is an expansive effort with the Rangers playing a more high-profile role than they've ever played before," Perry said of the Department of Public Safety's elite investigative unit.

The forces, dubbed Ranger recon teams, are the latest effort "to fill the gap that's been left by the federal government's ongoing failure to adequately secure our international border with Mexico," he said. More

Disaster response team deploys to Eagle Pass

By Carlina Villalpando
The Daily Times  
Published September 12, 2009 - Updated 52 minutes ago

A disaster response team with the Kerrville branch of The Salvation Army was deployed Friday morning to Eagle Pass, where residents were cleaning up after Thursday’s flash flooding.

Capt. Mary Meredith of The Salvation Army said the team of one officer and two volunteers were driving the corps’ new portable canteen into the area, where they would be able to cook food for as many as 300 people at a time.

Breaking News....from Eagle Pass Daily

In a news story that appears in the local online publication, The Eagle Pass Daily News, it is reported that the scheduled varsity football game between the Eagle Pass High School and Monterrey Tech has been cancelled. According to the story, 20 local players have come down with symthoms of the H1N1 virus. The game had been set for this coming Saturday, October 12th. There is no indication whether any have been hospitalized at this time.

Rosa, Crawford, Lisa and Yuka

Class of 1984 Reunion

Our 25 year reunion has come and gone but the memories we created will be long talked about and stored in our hearts. Thanks to Mr. Castillo in helping us promote our reunion. Thanks to all our out of town classmates who made the extra effort to travel to join us! A special thanks to Yuka Asai for traveling all the way from Geneva, Switzerland to be with us! Thanks to Carlos & Linda Segura for being our gracious host on Friday and Saturday after the dinner and dance. Thanks to all the classmates that made donations and contacted others, and help to find our classmates and tell them about the reunion. To those that couldn't attend...WE MISSED YOU! and as we looked thru the pages of the "EL CENIZO" we wondered where you were...hope you all can make it to our 30th! May those returning home...have a safe trip home and may God Bless the Class of '84.

Mavs, Eagles don't need a move to 4-A
Amusing Musings
by Juan Valdez

Eagle Pass Sports Central ( has an interesting poll concerning the upcoming realignment for U.I.L. competition. As the site points out, in about 5 months new district configurations will be announced, and both Eagle Pass schools might have enrollment sizes qualifying them for 4-A status with the option of remaining 5-A.

     You can visit the website where Morris Libson recounts several scenarios for both the 4-A and 5-A possibilities.

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In Other News


EP Police Department sponsors Halloween event

The Eagle Pass Police Department will be holding a Halloween Carnival as a community event on October 29th. Booth will be available. Visit their website for more information. More.

Eagles in Cibolo

The Eagle Pass Eagles Varsity football team outscored Medina Valley this Friday, October 18th in Eagle Pass with a score of 40 to 23.  For complete sports details check out Eagle Pass Sports Central. The Eagles will be playing CC Winn Mavericks next Friday at Eagle Field.

The  CC Winn Mavericks  last game  was against Laredo Nixon on September 11th and they  came away winners with a score of 35-7. The Mavericks next game will be against the Eagle Pass Eagles on September 25th. See game writeup on Eagle Pass Sports Central . 

Class of 1990

We have been notified by Cynthia Salinas Flores that they planned on  having an organizational  meeting at Fudruckers in Eagle Pass yesterday,  September 10 at 8:00pm. Their tenative reunion date is set for July 2-4, 2010. We are waiting to get more details about last night's gathering.

Seeking Fellow

Please email me if you know the whereabouts of
1981 Alma Daniel or
1980 Rebecca Chavez

Class of 1964 to
hold Reunion

The Class of 1964 will be holding their 45th Year Class Reunion in Eagle Pass and a reunion weibsite has been set up to provide you with the details. The event takes place on the weekend of October 9-11.  Organizers are hoping to hear from many other classmates. Contact person is David Castaneda at

830-757-8628 or email at
Click below to see Website
Class of 1964 Website

Class of 1984
held their Reunion

The Class of 1984 held their Class Reunion on Sept 4-6 in Eagle Pass and we will be posting some of the reunion photos on our Flickr account as soon as they arrived.
These were the reunion events. 
Sept 4, 2009 - at Carlos & Linda Segura's House
Sept 5, 2009 - Dinner and Dance at Los Espejos.
Sept 6, 2009......Pending
Their contact person was Rosie Garibay (Willars) , email at, or or call 830-776-5404.

Click here to leave your
message on the Class of 1984 Guestbook

Class of 1979

The Class of 1979 held their 30th Year reunion in Eagle Pass on July 31st thru August 2 in Eagle Pass. Their contact person was Norma Dena, who can still be reached at Cell: 830-752-0394. A class guestbook is still available if you wishs to leave a message.
message on their Guestbook .

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