Johnny Aguilera   graduated from Eagle Pass High School in 1970 and is currently practising law in San Antonio, Texas



          In Remembrance...... Juan G. Rodriguez 

    Johnny Aguilera 
    Class of 1970 
 I am always delighted to read the exciting news regarding our hometown of Eagle Pass; thank you for your dedication and hard work on your website. I am faithful reader of the Eagle Pass Alumni on the Web. Recently, a picture that appeared on your website of some students (1970) with Mr. Arturo Garcia caught my attention. The student in the middle of the picture was Juan G. Rodriguez or as we called him "Johnny". If my memory serves me correctly, that picture was of the officers of the Camera Club with Johnny serving as the Club's President.  Johnny was active in a number of extra-curricular activities at school and he excelled in academics. Johnny graduated (with honors) in my class and started his freshman year at the University of Texas at Austin with about ten of us other "lost souls" in the fall of 1970. I remember having just turned eighteen years, being scared out of my wits, and going to this far away place in another part of the world. We all finished our first year at UT and then Johnny did something that was unheard of in those days; he transferred to an even further place to study. Johnny went to study in Providence, Rhode Island and enrolled in Brown University. I am sure that others from Eagle Pass had gone to study in more remote places; however, to my knowledge, Johnny was one of the first person in the early 1970s that went to an out of state university. Others have followed since then and I am happy to see that the tradition continues. Johnny graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree from Brown and was admitted into Harvard Medical School. Johnny not only graduated with a medical degree, but also obtained a Masters of Public Health from Harvard. Johnny went on to work in Atlanta, Georgia in the Center for Disease Control. I wish that I could continue to tell you of Johnny's accomplishments later in his life, but as you know, Johnny's life was cut too short and he died before he could really appreciate the fruits of his toil. I write to tell you about our friend Johnny because, in so many ways, he represents what almost everyone from our little city represents - a person with an unyielding quest to do the best he/she can. Like most people from our fair city, Johnny came from a humble economic background, but with a rich desire for accomplishment. Johnny overcame many obstacles and became an exception to the statistical social predictors of life. Johnny, like many with similar backgrounds, was not supposed to succeed, but he proved everyone wrong. After all, a poor child with little or no exposure to a world of museums and academia is not supposed to excel! In my opinion, the key to success in anything in life has always been the encouragement a person receives from parents, siblings, spouses, friends, and teachers. Yes, it takes a lot of common sense and some intelligence to accomplish something, but encouragement and self-esteem has to be a big factor. It is fitting that we recognize that extra push that we received (and continue to receive) from our family and friends and thank everyone especially our teachers who had patience and gave us hope. Thank you Mr. David Uriegas (Geometry), Mr. Ricardo Salinas (Algebra), Mr. Jose Rodriguez (Elementary Analysis), Mr. Arturo Garcia (Biology), Mrs. Naomi Brown (Counselor/Typing), Mr. Lynn Purcell (World History), and Ms. Riddle (Spanish). I am sure that Johnny would have wanted to thank our community. Juan F. Aguilera Class of 1970 

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