"What's Not To Like"
by Pablo Yzquierdo

Eagle Pass High School
1976 25th Year Reunion

Twenty five years. A quarter century. One full generation. Simply stated. Wow!

So how do you give an answer to the question, "Has something exciting happen to you in the past 25 years?" Boy, that's one big order to fill.

Maybe I can say, "I once made a hole in one, a bona fide ace. I also came close several other times but as you know it wasn't skill. God just happen to smile down on me that day. Simply put… horseshit luck. Thanks big guy.

Maybe I can say my wonderful wife Rosa gave me two beautiful children Melissa and Christopher. That's true but you know I suspect that we all have this in common. Let's face it folks, us South Texicans, Tejanos, Hispanics or what ever the color of the day is we are pretty prolific. I guess it's no wonder we are on our way to becoming the biggest minority in this country. Question? Can you feel the clout? Boy it's about time. So lets sound out and let the world know that we are not only flavorful but we are also powerful. We are long past due and ready. Ya es mas que tempo.

Maybe I can say I still drive a red car like the 69 Mustang I used to drive with big balloon tires. You remember platform shoes? Disco? ( KC's-That's the way aha aha, I like it aha aha, that's the way aha aha I like it….) Oops sorry about the Disco thing I forgot that we are still trying to forget John Travolta. But we all know that we actually enjoyed some of those tunes. So suck it up. Ok it's a red Vett and only because I couldn't drive a jet. You guessed right I'm not ready to grow up yet. Ok.. ok.. it sounds corny but it rhymes.

Maybe I can say I have gotten back to nature from time to time, by seeing real Bald Eagles sore over head. (Go Eagles!) I had the chance to be with bears eye to eye. Well that's a stretch, I was close to my car at the time. I've seen elk, moose, mountain goats, deer. These are the small perks in life, when you make your home, where the antelope roam. Ok more corny stuff. I caught a six foot surgeon in Americas deepest gore 'Hells Canyon'. I have fished for salmon and steelhead. I even went to Baja California to fish for marlin and tuna and seen whales do a dance in the blue sea. I ended up at the (Eagles) real Hotel California. Boy I am glad I was able to leave. Oh by the way it's for sale. You know about the only thing I caught there in Baja was Montezuma's revenge and a bad case of the hangovers. Margarita Ville is not only for our Gringo friends you know.

Maybe I can say that after 25 years I've broken my elbow in two places in a motorcycle crash. I broke my shoulder last year snowmobiling on top of a 8000 foot mountain. I lost a ligament skiing down an expert black diamond run. I cracked my ribs while rafting Idaho's famous 'River of No Return'. Heck I've even broke a fingernail while gardening oooo…., it goes to prove that a person doesn't need a great deal of brain cells to be really pandejon. I recently bought a Harley I hope que Mi Diosito me cuide. It's not easy trying to be cool I have endless work in front of me.

Maybe I can say that I marched for human rights and mentor Hispanic kids and made an effort to improve social consciousness. But on the flip side, I have danced with Little Joe, El Primo, The Texas Tornados and many other Chicano artists. Good stuff for our culture our vatos y sus tradiciones. At the same time partying hard, still going to concerts of our generation like REO, Styx, Boston, Kansas, Steve Miller (The Joker) and Santana. America is still looking for that horse with no name. It's great to be bilingual and bicultural. Coors and Coronas what a country I love America.

Maybe I can say that lately I started experimenting with DRUGS. Wow. Ok I'm busted. By that I mean the legal type like high blood pressure pills, vitamins, even Viagra has crossed my mind. In twenty five years I have gotten a few additions like, glasses, thinning hair and double chin to name a few. I've gone from a 28 waist to well you get the picture. On the bright side I am still 5'6 (short) and about the most interesting thing that has been happening to me is seeing hair grow in my ears. I think I'm becoming my father. Well I guess that's not a bad thing in fact that would be an honor. I love you Dad.

Seriously folks I've seen some down time in my life. I think that's Gods way of keeping us humble and grounded. For that Le Doy Gracias a La Vida y Le Doy Gracias a Dios. Because now I feel that I am at the end of the summer on life and a chill of fall is around the corner. Le Doy Gracias a la Vida y Le Doy Gracias a Dios. Because what ever reason some of our class mates have already fast forwarded the process and the winter of our life well be here soon enough. But most of all Le Doy Gracias a La Vida y Le Doy Gracias a Dios. Because I have been blessed with an attitude of staying young at heart. Le Doy Mil Gracias a Dios.

So finally let us get drunk on the nectar of life and savor our tacos of nostalgia and enjoy the moment. Un brindes a todos. Let's make good stuff for the memory bank.

Pablo Yzquierdo
P.S. Don't look for me in the year book I made a early exit Missed you Alllllllllllllll,