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Class of 1970

The class of 1970 invites our classmates and friends of the classes of
1967 thru 1973
to join for a night of dancing and reminiscing to the music of the
60s and 70s
on Friday, October 26, 2012
KC Hall
(Corner of fourth Street and Adams Street)
8 PM to 1 AM
BYOB and botanas (no beer or ice chest)
Setups available
Menudo will be served at 12 midnight

$30 per couple
$15 for singles
for tickets contact
Rosario Contreras Benavides

Virginia Flores Perez

Gloria Vallejo Chancey

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EP Class of 1972 wants to hear from Classmates

So far, many are expressing an interest in organizing a 1972 Class Reunion but we want to hear from as many as possible to see if others would be willing to attend. If you are from the EP Class of 1972, please CLICK HERE

The following have already expressed an interest:
and complete our form.

Maira Lerma
Maria Caballero Buescher
Jose Arechiga
Elvira Saucedo Rodriguez
Frank Reyes
Vicente Duenez
Anna Maria Ogushi-Briggs
Edna Olivo Winnette
Rudy Gonzalez
Mari Martinez

Henry Hadderton
Well, finally it's official after a few weeks of waiting and preparing! My wife and I are the new owners of John's Broiler Burger here in Houston Texas. It's been here for over 30 yrs it needs some work done on the inside, but the food is great! It's a hamburger/home cooking restaurant and we also have a great breakfast! Plus a bonus my wife's brother in law,William has been working and cooking here for over 30 yrs and people love him! So I hope and pray that all goes well!!

"Lock n Load" Mentality
by R. Castillo

Sean Hannity continues to be a total idiot. This "Rush Limbaugh wannabe" has now characterized President's Obama message of condolences to Trayvon Martin's family as a message of hatred.

His comment adds to that of Robert Zimmerman, George Zimmerman's father,  and Limbaugh that are doing everything to tie the President's only message about the killing of Trayvon Martin  as an endorsement of statements made by the Black Panthers and extrapolating to place Obama shoulder to shoulder with Louis Farrakhan  as well.

The two conservative radio racist's comments are consequential in that they help raise the lock and load mentality of many who are being told to fear minorities.


From Conservative:

I understand the "Lock and Load" mentallity to be one that advocates; taking arms agianst the government. Maybe you have a differnt take on the concept.

So basically your stating that these talk show hosts are encouraging "the many" to take arms agains minorities?

I think that all these right wing talk show hosts preach less governmet interference. I like to listen to both Fox News and MSNBC. It's intresting on how people interpet the same story.

I would say that "The Ed Show" promotes socialism. Hannity and O'Riley stress the real meaning of democrocy.

Everyone has their own opinion.

We will see what the voters say in November. The way it looks we will have another four years of Obama. What do you think will happen if he wins and is a lame duck president. He can't be re-elected for a third term. So he will try and shove every left wing agenda down our throats that has ever failed:
stiffer gun control, radical enviormental issues, more social aid, stronger unions, gay marriage etc.

Even though Maverick County is Democratic, the working population actually has a strong support of the right, whether they relize it or not.

.....to be continued.

I'm from Eagle Pass
(Soy de Ygle Pass)
written by
Jesus Corky Rubio

I'm from Eagle Pass (Soy de Ygle Pass) was published on October 1, 2011 and is now on sale.

This publication is a compendium of essays and reflections on life in a small town on the Texas Border during the mid 20th century.

Jesus R. (Corky) Rubio was born in San Antonio and raised in Eagle Pass, Texas. He graduated from Eagle Pass High School, and both the University of Texas at Austin (BBA) and the University of Texas at San Antonio (MBA). He is owner of Siderco International, Inc a company that trades in steel and metal goods between Mexico and the USA. Mr. Rubio also teaches Economics at local colleges and universities. He currently resides in San Antonio, Texas but his love for Eagle Pass is very evident.

Publication is now on sale for $10.76 plus $2.50 shipping in the USA. Send payment to:

Mr. J.R. Rubio
PO Box 90205
San Antonio, Tx 78209


MCDP hopes to increase voter participation

By Robert Castillo

EAGLE PASS - The Maverick County Democratic Party wants to energize the local voters to participate in the upcoming General Election. Democratic Chairman Victor Perry explained that he is aware of the possibility of voter apathy particularly in cases where local candidates have no Republican opposition. He adds that the upcoming election is just as important since it deals with State positions and most importantly,  the National Presidential Election.

At this point Perry is hoping to add more voters to the 21,000 already registered in Maverick County. Among the options being considered is having high school students over the age of 18 offer non-partison registrations to fellow students at our local high schools. Many of these would be first-time voters.

He is also hoping that student body organizations at the two local colleges assist in a similar manner at their respective campus. This still needs to be approved by high school and college administrations.

Perry also mentioned the possibilities of sponsoring a candidate solidarity gathering,  bringing in all school board candidates and candidates that participated in the primary elections. The emphasis of such event would be to convey the need to participate and vote.

With regards to the general election, Perry anticipates no problems for those voting in November. He was confident that there would be no semblance of voter suppression in Maverick County.

Photo taken last year in San Antonio

National Night Out in Eagle Pass

By R. Castillo

EAGLE PASS - This coming Tuesday, October 2nd,  neighborhoods in Eagle Pass are invited to join together and celebrate the 29th Annual National Night Out which is sponsored by the National Association of Town Watch and the Eagle Pass Police Department. This celebration takes place throughout the United States in most communities.

This gathering gives citizens the opportunity to discuss the safety and security issues of their neighborhoods and community. The entire community is being invited to Burr Park located on Roosevelt Street adjacent to the Mall De Las Aguilas. Those attending are asked to share a dish or have their cookout at the park. The park has no electricity. This activity is expected to begin at 6pm thru 9pm.

Homecoming....photo courtesy of Krystal Salinas

Maverick County in middle of quagmire

by Robert Castillo
Sept 21, 2012 11:30am

EAGLE PASS -  As if things were not bad enough, Maverick County Commissioners Court finds itself in possession of seven brand new vehicles purchased in August by Sheriff Tomas Herrera without the consent of Commissioners Court.

This situation came to light during a scheduled County Commissioners meeting yesterday afternoon. Commissioner Rudy Herredia  informed the court that seven vehicles had been bought in August by Sheriff Tomas Herrera with confiscated funds. Supposedly this was done without the official consent and approval of commissioners court.

This recent development parallels a similar situation in Brooks County,  Texas were former Sheriff Balde Lozano alledgedly use confiscated funds for unauthorized purchases. This was discovered during an internal audit specifically addressing the use of confiscated funds. As a result of the findings, that matter has reportedly been turned over to the State Attorney General's office.

During the recent Maverick County Commissioners Court meeting, Commissioner Heredia informed the court that Sheriff Tomas Herrera may have consulted with the county attorney about the purchase of vehicles.

In an exclusive interview with Sheriff Tomas Herrera, he explained that seven vehicles had been purchased from Caldwell County and the Houston Council of Government on August 11th for a total price of $161,391.00. He added that  law enforcement agencies buy their vehicles similarly and don't have to go through the bidding process.

When asked if he had consulted with anyone about the vehicle purchase he stated, "I met with the County Attorney and Claudio Heredia back in August 20th on another case and after we got through talking about the case County attorney Ramos told me in front of Mr. Claudio Heredia that I could no longer spend money out of the confiscated fund because it's a law." Herrera told Ramos that he had already purchased the vehicles back in August 11th and that he had not been aware of the law that forbid it.

Former County Judge Enriqueta Diaz addressed the County Commissioners and suggested that they authorize an audit before Tom Schmerber, the incoming Sheriff, takes office.

During our interview, Sheriff Herrera stated that he welcomed an audit and that he had nothing to hide.

At this point it is not known how the matter will be resolved and who will ultimately take responsibility and possession of seven new vehicles. Equally important is whether Commissioner's Court will authorized a specific audit to determine whether confiscated funds were illegally used.

What has yet to be addressed is the possibility of additional violations in instances where confiscated funds were transferred by Maverick County Commissioner's Court to the county's general fund to cover payroll expenses of employees that were not in law enforcement positions.

Related: TVAWTV Video of Meeting

Former Brooks County sheriff under investigation for use of seized cash Forfeiture funds used by former sheriff

Corpus Christi Caller
By Mark Collette
Posted January 22, 2012 at 12:59 a.m.

FALFURRIAS — An auditor found more than $500,000 in questionable purchases through former Brooks County Sheriff Balde Lozano's criminal asset forfeiture funds, prompting a local prosecutor to refer the matter to the Texas Attorney General's office.

According to the audit, some of the purchases were channeled through funds controlled by Joe Frank Garza, the former 79th District Attorney who pleaded guilty in March to a felony charge for paying himself and his employees more than $2 million from his office's forfeiture fund without county commissioners' approval.

Lozano, 59, who is now a Falfurrias police officer, was sheriff from 1997 through 2009. He did not accept requests for an interview but provided a written statement saying the audit was politically motivated.

"I have been out of politics for the last three years," Lozano wrote. "It seems like the present sheriff's administration continues to try to drag me back into it."

Sheriff Rey Rodriguez requested the audit in March 2010, shortly after he took office. It was performed by Roger Saenz of Alice, the same accountant whose audit of Garza's funds was used in Garza's prosecution. Rodriguez, through a staff assistant, declined to speak about the audit, citing an ongoing investigation. MORE


Rene Barrientos will be hosting the Class of 1972 "40th Class Reunion" here in San Antonio on October 26, 2012, We need a head count for the restaurant, hotel reservations, etc.

Reservations for dinner have been made at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, 7720 Jones Maltsberger Rd., San Antonio, TX at 6:30 p.m. on Friday, October 26, 2012, with Cocktails and Dessert to follow at Rene Barrientos Home.

Expenses will be funded and therefore Attendees will only be responsible for their personal travel and lodging.
At this time we are trying to arrange hotel (s) on a group basis for better rates and accessability but we need a head count to complete those arrangements.

Anyone from the Class of "1972" that plans to attend the reunion should e-mail Rene at: rrbar453@yahoo.com or Anna Maria Ogushi-Briggs at: anaogy@aol.com or Carmina Mendoza Villa at: elias.carmina5@gmail - If they have not already done so. 1972 Website and Music.

Judge rules that Arizona police can check immigration status

PHOENIX –  A judge in Arizona ruled Tuesday that police can immediately start enforcing the most contentious section of the state's immigration law, marking the first time officers can carry out the so-called "show me your papers" provision.
The decision by U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton is the latest milestone in a two-year legal battle over the requirement. It culminated in a U.S. Supreme Court decision in June that upheld the provision on the grounds that it doesn't conflict with federal law.
Now, with the requirement finally in full effect, both sides are anxious to see the outcome.
The supporters want local police to use it vigorously, but worry federal immigration officials won't respond to calls to come arrest people.
"I am mulling what I will do if they don't respond," said Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who more than any other police boss in the state pushed the bounds of immigration enforcement. "I don't feel comfortable letting the illegal alien back on the street." READ MORE  Photo of Governor Brewer.

Paint The Town Holds 107th Event

File Story

EAGLE PASS - On Saturday, September 15, 2012, over 95 volunteers showed up bright and early at Maverick County Lake, to paint over benches and tables that were tagged and damaged by gang-related graffiti.  Groups in attendance came from community groups that included students from Sul Ross Rio Grande College, C.C. Winn and Eagle Pass High Schools, Memorial and Eagle Pass Junior High, as well as students from Robert E. Lee, Pete Gallego, Glass, Ray Darr, and two Girl Scouts troops as well as students with Border Patrol Explorer Scouts. 

For additional information on Paint The Town Project contact U.S. Border Patrol Agent Stephanie Anaya at 752-3066 or Diana L. Sanchez with South Texas Rural Health Services at 757-0117.

132 prison escapees disappear into thin air

by Robert Castillo
Sept 18, 2012  6:23 am

EAGLE PASS – Yesterday at approximately 3:30 PM officials from the Piedras Negras State Prison were alerted when they discovered that 132 prisoners had escaped. According to official sources, the now fugitives managed to breach prison security by digging their way out through a tunnel. It was reported that several items possibly used during the escape were left behind.

The situation prompted Mexican authorities to imposed a code red status when security forces from both state and federal agencies responded to the prison escape.

Yet after more than 16 hours only one escapee has been arrested in Garcia, Nuevo Leon, 282 miles from Piedras Negras. There is no information as to the whereabouts of the other elusive 131 escapees. Many speculate that the operation had to be well coordinated particularly when it involved so many fugitives. The question being asked this morning is how could so many disappear. As of today there have been no reported arrests even when a bounty of $15,000 for each escapee has been made by the State Governor for information that leads to an arrest.

Piedras Negras has had previous prison breaks but never with as many involved.

The seriousness of this situation has also prompted all law enforcement agencies to be on heightened alert particularly at both international bridges leading to Eagle Pass. The local police department and County Sheriff office are maintaining surveillance along the Rio Grande River in the event escapees attempt to enter the United States.

It is reported that Homeland Security has also initiated security procedures along the border.

In the meantime the prison director and two employees are being questioned about the recent events that led to the largest prison escape in the history of Piedras Negras, Mexico.

The Fine Arts Building is just about completed and ready for use.

by Robert Castillo

EAGLE PASS - After years of anticipation, the Eagle Pass Independent School District is about to officially unveil the completed fine arts building. While not yet ready for occupancy, final touches are likely to be completed in the near future.

The district has produced a slide show presentation of the facility minus the decorative amenities that will give this multi-million dollar structure a more regal ambience.

At this time it is not known when the official ribbon cutting ceremony will take place. To view the district slideshow simply click here.

EAGLES “D”-feat LAREDO NIXON 14 to 6
By: Conrado Perez, Jr.
Eagle Pass Sports Central
“Your best and only source for local sports news in Eagle Pass”

For the second week in row the Eagle Pass Eagles varsity football squad under the tutelage of head football coach Tom Gonzalez hit the road on Saturday, September 8, 2012 journeying to Laredo, Texas to tangle with the Laredo Nixon Mustangs in a 7:00 PM non-district encounter at Shirley Field.
After a scoreless opening quarter of play, the Eagle Pass Eagles running game with Evan Gloria, Carlos Villarreal and Aaron Morales began to click on all cylinders in the second quarter.  The Eagle offense engineered a well designed 10 play 54 yard scoring drive that culminated with a 4 yard keeper into the end zone by starting signal caller Aaron Morales with 1:39 left before halftime.  Eagles’ placekicker Evan Gloria tacked on the point after to give the visiting Eagle Pass Eagles a 7 to 0 lead over the home standing Laredo Nixon Mustang. MORE

Some game photos now available for viewing on FACEBOOK.

Game Photos Now Available on FLICKR


A Citizen's Commentary
Sept. 8, 2012

EAGLE PASS -   The residents of Maverick County and the City of Eagle Pass are being confronted with a double Tax increase unlike any seen in recent years.
The proposed County Tax increase notice was posted on August 31, 2012 and does not  indicate the percentage of increase being addressed at the hearing. A hearing was scheduled for Thursday September 6,2012.
At the hearing there were persons opposing any form of increase . In specific one local man who had worked for the county years ago,in a responsible supervisory position, spoke on how money coming from TX DOT had been wasted on overtime and other unnecessary expenses.

The amount received from TX DOT was mentioned as being in the millions of dollars. This person further questioned Commissioners Court on how they could now be asking the residents of the County to support a tax increase to make up for their irresponsible spending in years past. He questioned how persons on a fixed income could pay for this increase on their taxes. 


Daniel Valenzuela, San Angelo's new City Manager

by Robert Castillo
Sept 5, 2012

EAGLE PASS - It was in the year 2008 when Daniel Valenzuela first came to Eagle Pass as a new city manager. For the past four years Valenzuela has successfully kept the city of Eagle Pass in a financially healthy economic position.

As of 3:15 pm this Wednesday afternoon, Valenzuela was selected  as San Angelo's new city manager from a field of four other applicants.

The San Angelo city council pointed out that it was Valenzuela's experience and expertise in dealing with city budgets that was a major consideration in his choice. Valenzuela assumes his position in approximately 30 days and will be receiving a salary of $155,000 yearly. The City of Eagle Pass city council had been previously notified of his intentions to apply so his acceptance should not come as a surprise.

It is not known at this point whether the city Council will create a search committee to fill his vacant position. The matter will most undoubtably be considered at the next city Council meeting.

Fellow classmates attend Jon King Keisling Memorial in San Antonio

A memorial and celebration of Jon King's life was held at the Episcopal Church of Reconciliation located at  8900 Starcrest Dr.  in San Antonio, yesterday,  Friday August 24, 2012.

The service was followed by a reception in the church hall where  some of Jon King's photographs were displayed.   August 24 would have been Jon King's 65th birthday.
Photo by R. Castillo

A big switch -a- roo just took place

by Robert Castillo

EAGLE PASS - In the last few days there was guarded speculation within political circles that this community would see something that seldom happens in politics but is legal.
As predicted it happened at just a minute from the deadline to register for candidacy to the Eagle Pass Independent School District election. Incumbent School Board Trustee, Rodolfo Lopez avoided a certain election defeat against challenger Claudio Heredia by switching from Place 1 to Place 2 for a position on the local school board. Undoubtedly, Lopez recognized his predicament and instead chose to run in Place 2 against Ignacio Saucedo. 
Lopez's last minute strategic move leaves Claudio Heredia with his sole opponent, Jose Reyna. Many feel that Heredia will have an easy victory against this informidable challenger.

So with the end of registration the following positions will be on the November 6, 2012 school board ballot.

In Place 1 Jose Reyna and Claudio Heredia will be listed on the ballott.

In Place 2 Incumbment Ignacio Saucedo will be opposed by Hector Munoz Mijares and Rodolfo Lopez.

In Place 6, Incumbent David Riojas faces Hector Alvarez and Jesus Casas.

In Place 7, Incumbent Glenna Purcell has Tom Cary and Marcos Villalpando opposing her.

According to EPISD election administrator, Susy Perez, early voting in the Eagle Pass Independent School District Board elections will be held on October 22 thru November 2 at the Multipurpose Center from 8am to 5pm except on Saturday , October 27 when voting polls are opened from 7am to 7pm.
Election day voting will be on November 6, 2012 from  7am thru 7pm at specific precincts.

Full Text

EPalumni.Com requested permission to re-publish complete text of letter To Mr. Gilberto Gonzalez, Superintendent and the Eagle Pass Independent School District School Board from Ori Fernandez. Permission granted by Ms. Fernandez on August 21, 2012.

August 10, 2012

To Mr. Gilberto Gonzalez, Superintendent and the Eagle Pass Independent School District School Board:

I am writing this letter to solely inquire about your decision to hire Cesar Flores for the C.C. Winn High School head softball coaching position.  I was one of the four applicants for the position. 

Now, I realize that there is nothing I can say or do to reverse your decision, but I am an experienced U.I.L. athletics’ coach.  I have helped coach several teams to regional and state births in cross country, and I have helped coach girls’ soccer and basketball teams to successful seasons. Some coaches work their entire careers to qualify a team to state, and I was blessed with the opportunity to do it my first year with the girls’ cross country program in Del Rio and thereafter. 

Eagle Pass Eagles in Boerne

Freshman, Junior Varsity and the Eagle Pass High School Varsity football teams arrived in Boerne, Texas for an early encounter at the Boerne Stadium. Boerne is known for their hard hitting and persistence. What was evident was how energized the Eagle Pass teams seemed to be for this new season. The Jr. Varsity team was noticeably alert and confident. The high humidity and temperature tested all players. The Eagle Pass Eagles Football team has a home Non-Conference game vs. Crystal City on Friday, Aug 24.

Boerne vs Eagle Pass Eagles photo can be seen on FLICKR or on FACEBOOK.

Team wearing their Team Uniforms at Kirkland, Washington.

Our Team in now in Seatle, Washington

The Eagle Pass Junior All-Stars have now arrived in Seatle, Washington after their flight from Dallas and bus trip from San Antonio last night.  Ladies are having munchies and some might be having Old Fashion ice cream.  Photo also posted on FACEBOOK.

Collister Investigates

South San police officers under investigation

Published: 8/09 6:14 pm
By Brian Collister

South San ISD board members were briefed this week behind closed doors about an on-going investigation into several serious allegations involving several handfuls of campus police officers.

A spokesperson for South San ISD says the allegations against six campus cops first surfaced a week ago.

They include sexual harassment of an employee, theft of fuel on a district gas card and falsifying police reports. A source tells me it all started with the theft of fuel. But the allegations grew to include even more as officers themselves told district officials about other alleged wrong-doing by fellow cops. MORE

Eagle Pass...Come support our Team

Join the rest of Eagle Pass in seeing off our Eagle Pass Eagle Pass Junior All-Stars today, August 10th at 7pm. The team will gather at the Little League field in Ft. Duncan Park and then travel thru Main St. headed for San Antonio and then on to Dallas where they will fly to Washington. The Eagle Pass Little League Junior Softball all-star squad is headed to Kirkland, Washington to compete in the Little League Junior Softball World Series scheduled for August 12-18, 2012. 

Eagle Pass Junior All-Stars - World Series Bound
Captured Southwestern Regional Title

Eagle Pass Sports Central
By: Conrado Perez, Jr.

The Eagle Pass Little League Junior Softball all-star squad under the tutelage of head coach Cesar Flores and assistant coaches Marcos Lopez and Becky Flores has just etched their mark in the all-time local sports history book by capturing the prestigious 2012 Southwestern United States Regional Softball Tournament championship being in Santa Fe, New Mexico by defeating the Louisiana State champion squad by the final score of 4 to 2 in the title game behind the stellar pitching of Julia Cruz and the hitting of Melanie Mendoza and Cassandra Flores.  The victory thus earns the highly talented Eagle Pass Little League Junior Softball all-stars a first ever berth in the Little League Junior Softball World Series scheduled for August 12-18, 2012 in Kirkland, Washington. More

Ramon Flores surrounded by his close buddies. Ramon has made great strides following a motorcycle accident several years ago. In the photo left to right; Top row,  Rolando Surita, Robert Surita, Billy Collett and Johnny Ruiz Jr. Bottom row, Juan Crosby, Ramon Flores and Rafael Flores.  Facebook.

L to R: Mia Martinez, Delinda Lombrana, Rocio Monsivais, Andrea Flores, Valerie Sanchez and  Rogelio Roque assisted at County Lake.

"Stuff the Bus" Project well underway

By Robert Castillo

EAGLE PASS - “Stuff the Bus” School Supply Drive was held on Saturday, July 14, 2012, at the Maverick County Lake.  KEPS and KINL Radio offered a remote broadcast throughout the day with Station Manager Martha Sanchez and station crew present. 

Also coordinating the event was Diana Sanchez, Prevention Specialist for South Texas Rural Health Service.

Assisting in this worthwhile project aimed at providing 2,000 bags of school supplies for this school year were students from both the Eagle Pass High School and CC Winn High.
Proceeds gathered at the event will go to stuff school supplies bags for the 6th Annual Back to School Health & Social Services Fair scheduled for Thursday, July 26th, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., at the International Center for Trade. 

Those wishing to contribute to the project can also continue to deliver items to the KINL/KEPS studios. The public is asked to donate, pencils, pens, loose-leaf paper, spiral notebooks, erasers, colored pencils, crayons, rulers, scissors, pencil boxes/pouches, book bags/packs, school glue/sticks. For any additional information, please call Diana L. Sanchez (830) 757-0117.

Friends of Alex Alvarez joined together

By Robert Castillo

EAGLE PASS - Friends of Alex Alvarez joined together this past weekend in Eagle Pass in his memory . Alex lost his life on May 26 in an automobile accident on Highway 277 while returning from Del Rio at about 4:30pm.  Alex’s wife, Lilliana Alvarez , and his mother-in-law Olga Valdez also perished. Their three year old son Alex Jr. survived but was critically injured.

Alex was working as an IT technician at the Ft. Duncan Medical Center at the time of his death. His wife was working with her brother-in-law, Dr. Hector Alvarez, a local dentist.

Alex family has set up an account at the local IBC Bank for the benefit of 3 year old Alex Alvarez, the sole survivor of the tragic accident.

Maverick County Commissioners take drastic measures

By Robert Castillo

EAGLE PASS - As many as 35 county employees may find themselves without a job in the coming weeks. This measure was one of the most drastic adopted by members of the Maverick County commissioner’s Court yesterday evening. The lengthy meeting dealt with as many as 60 items primarily aimed at finding a remedy to what many have called an eventual meltdown of county operations. Others have characterized the critical situation as the perfect storm.

Many attended the meeting to hear answers to several items placed on the agenda by Commissioner Eliaz Maldonado. Maldonado wanted answers to how money diverted from precinct 1 and precinct 4 allocations had been spent.

He also asked for a status report on their contract with GEO and generally how the County’s 2012 revenues had been spent.

Instead last night’s meeting was overshadowed by new proposals that do not guarantee an end to the spiraling debt that is now compounded by a major break in the County’s main irrigation canal.

Among the steps adopted by Commissioner’s Court to address the financial quagmire, the County may fire as many as 35 employees; some county properties will be placed up for sale including the VFW building currently used by community veterans, and they will issue two new notes totaling $2.5 million of new indebtedness.

It is not known if these measures will keep the County from ending this fiscal year with a $2.5 million deficit.

Related Story:

SCRANTON RUNS OUT OF MONEY, Cuts All City Salaries To Minimum Wage

Scranton, Pennsylvania's, the state's sixth-most-populous city (population of 76,089 in 2010 census), is down to its last $5,000 and has no way to pay salaries.
The mayor wants an immediate tax hike of 29% and 78% over three years. In every sense of the word, Scranton is bankrupt.
The city of Scranton, Pa., sent out paychecks to its employees Friday, like it does every two weeks. But this time the checks were much smaller than usual. Mayor Chris Doherty has reduced everyone's pay — including his own — to the state's minimum wage: $7.25 an hour.
Doherty says his city has run out of money.
Doherty wants to raise taxes to fill a $16.8-million gap. The city council wants to take a different approach and borrow money. City council members did not respond to NPR's requests to discuss the dispute. More

Reporte Internacional  - Eleccion 2012
 Junio 1,2012
(En exclusivo a epa)
 Entre la frontrera de Eagle Pass,Tejas  y Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico las eleciones Mexicanas no se pueden  ignorar en base a como afectan a dos hermanas ciudades. Por decadas estas dos ciudades a dependindo el una por la otra.
 Medios de comunicacion Americanos cubren en esta frontera  el sentir de los votantes tanto Mexicanos  y tambien a si como residentes de la cuidad de Eagle Pass que visitaron a Piedras Negras, Coahuila a ejercer  su derecho a votar, como Mexicanos radicados en Eagle Pass, Tejas.
 En entrevistas  de estas personas por estos medios comunicativos indican que los residentes Mexicanos en Tejas estan interesados de que mejore la crisies de insertidumbre de segurida en la vecina  ciudad Mexicana.
 En la mayoria los residentes de Eagle Pass, con lazos en Piedras Negras, son afectados dede en lo que va de visitas a familiares ,asi como asuntos de negocios, visitas a medicos y dentistas.  La costumbre de cruzar el puente y sentirse en un ambiente seguro a cambiado.

“Let’s Get Fit” Keeping a Steady Pace

The local community is invited to participate in “Let’s Get Fit,” a free exercise and nutrition program geared for children and adolescents.  It takes place every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. all summer long at South Texas Rural Health Services, Inc., located at 2250 North Veteran’s Boulevard.  The purpose of this program is to help in tackling a very heavy public health concern along our border; childhood obesity. 

Childhood obesity and diabetes are two key health issues on the U.S. Mexico border region, and this program was developed by South Texas Rural Health Services to address the problem head on.   The children first begin their session with exercises and then move on to learn a nutrition lesson.  They are learning about whole grains, vegetables, fruits, dairy, and proteins.  In addition, they are learning about consuming nutritious foods first, what the “sometime” foods are, and not to eat them all the time because these foods contain plenty of sugar, salt, and fats.  And finally, they are learning to make easy summer snack recipes which are nutritious, low in fat and calories. 

To find out more about the “Let’s Get Fit” program call Prevention Specialist Mayra Battaglia at (830) 757-0117.    

Funds being raised for Javier Pena by KEPS/KINL Radio

The News Gram
June 19, 2012

As the family of Javier "Prep" Pena have gone through a week of waiting and morning the loss of their son , brother and loved family member, hundreds of his friends and co-workers of Blanca Martinez-Pena, who works at the radio station, have come out in full-force to attempt to assist the family with these unexpected expenses.
On Saturday, co-workers collected $3,111.26 on the corner of Main and Bibb in an effort to aid the Pena family as the community of Eagle Pass has responded in a big way for this fallen standout athlete at CC Winn High School. Javier wanted to be ready to hit the upcoming school year head on and bring the Mavericks to newer athletic heights and accomplishments as his coaches and parents were seeing bigger and better contributions from Javier and looked forward to the prospect of him seeing his athletic and academic goals come to fruition as his brother Joseph and sister Bianca had already received athletic scholarships for their abilities.
An unfortunate accident occurred on June 11th which took the young life of he who was lovingly known as "Prep" to his friends and teammates.
Funeral services were held yesterday and hundreds came out to pay heir last respects to someone who always tried his best to be the best, a true competitor on the field of play who was deceiving in his contributions on the football field as his small frame was deceiving to those he laid the lumber on as he was known to throw his weight around exceptionally well and had the ability to make a play on both sides of the ball on an interception or as a backup QB or running back.
Godspeed and God Bless, Prep, you will truly be missed.
 Note: For those wishing to make a donation an account that has been set up at IBC Bank (#1411103564). 

South San board antics troubling

Express-News Editorial Board
Updated 07:50 p.m., Tuesday, June 5, 2012

We wish South San Antonio Independent School District's new superintendent, Rebecca Robinson of Eagle Pass, well as she takes the reins in this troubled school district.
The district needs a strong, professional, independent top administrator.
The job of a school superintendent is never easy. In the South San school district, where the school board politics are intense and the micromanaging from the board unrelenting, the task is that much more daunting.
It was troubling to see the school board's failure to come together on its new hire. Having a 6-1 vote to hire Robinson doesn't instill public confidence that the board is moving forward on a positive note.
Even more disturbing were comments made by board Vice President Karyn Tomlinson about rumors she had heard that the new superintendent is a close friend of board member Helen Madla and that Robinson had been telling people she had the job before the board voted.
There is no room for rumor-mongering on a school board. Tomlinson's behavior at the public meeting was unprofessional and starts the superintendent off on the wrong footing.
School boards and superintendents need to work together as a team to succeed.
That does not mean they must agree on every issue. In fact, honest debate and discussion is healthy.
But working together does require a willingness to set aside differences, agreeing to disagree and the ability to compromise for the greater good.
The South San board still has a long way to go on that.
We would like to think things will get better in this school district with a new superintendent from the outside, but with a heated school board election scheduled in November, that is highly unlikely.
That is unfortunate for the 10,000 schoolchildren in this beleaguered school district.

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Did Surgeon and Medical Center Falsify Post-Op Records After Child's Death?

Lawsuit alleges report was changed to include procedures that weren't done.

Outhpatient Magazine
Published:June 6, 2012
Categories: Legal/RegulatoryMalpracticeNews
A Texas family claims that a surgeon was not only negligent in performing the surgery they say caused their young son's death, but also that he altered medical records to protect himself and his employer from a potential lawsuit.
The child, Robert Martin, underwent an outpatient procedure at Fort Duncan Medical Center in Eagle Pass, Texas, in 2010. According to Robert's parents, Edwin and Esther Martin, surgeon James H. Fowler, MD, severed both of the boy's internal carotid arteries during the surgery, which ultimately caused his death. Mr. and Mrs. Martin subsequently filed a wrongful death and survival suit against Dr. Fowler and his employer, Maverick County Hospital District, alleging negligence and gross negligence in Dr. Fowler's performance of the surgery and post-operative care. READ MORE


Poncho’s Last Safari

A Tribute to Alfonso Poncho Martinez

by Rolly Santos, Class of 1974

April 16th, 2012
Parry Fjord, Chile

From the time we were in high school, Poncho and I referred to trips that we took as Safaris. There was no such thing as going from point A to point B, if something caught our eye we stopped to explore it. Poncho and I knew a dozen ways to get from Eagle Pass to San Antonio…the trips highlighted by local honky-‐tonks, a good looking lady or two, some dive restaurants and more than one misadventure. We used to call it following the signs. When we’d see something or meet someone of interest … one of us would invariably look at the other, nod in the direction of what caught our eye and simply say “Safari” and other would nod and say Safari. Adventure or trouble usually followed…both of which were fine with us.
 So it was fitting that I would have one hell of a last safari with Poncho that took us the ends of the earth, where we saw breathtaking sights, hiked in sun, rain and snow, got through a broken bus on top of a snow capped mountain, a couple of near misses with the law and ended in a very mystical moment on a glacier lake. This was a safari like we never imagined sitting in two border towns in Texas as cub scouts, boy scouts and teenagers. READ MORE


The Vote is in..Schmerber and Herrera in Runoff for Sheriff.

The election for Maverick County Sheriff drew a high number of voters and the final outcome turned out to be what many expected.

The incumbent, Tomas Herrera topped his contender, Tom Schmerber by 20 votes. In the early voting, Herrera got 2,255 votes to Schmerber's 2,168 and combined with  todays voting Herrera received 3,334 to Schmerber's 3,314 giving Herrera the edge by 20 votes.

The third candidate in the Sheriff race was Jose Huerta. Many had speculated that Huerta  would  get minimal  votes but enough to affected the election and cause the election to go into a runoff. Huerta's vote total was 575.

In the County Commissioners race, both incumbents had easy victories. In the race for Precinct 1, Eliaz Maldondo waged a formidable campaign with seasoned campaign workers, totaling 1333 votes to Alex Flores low count of 623.

Commissioner Jose Luis Rosales also kept his seat in Precinct 3 with 1485 votes, defeating Jose Moreno with 519 votes and Luchia Johnson's with 326 votes.

South San board picks outsider for superintendent
San Antonio Express & News
By Lindsay Kastner
Updated 10:45 p.m., Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Trustees in the South San Antonio Independent School District voted 6-1 on Tuesday to name outsider Rebecca Robinson as the lone finalist for district superintendent.
Robinson is the assistant superintendent for curriculum & instruction in Eagle Pass Independent School District, which has roughly 15,000 students and a “recognized” rating from the state.
Board Vice President Karyn Tomlinson cast the lone dissenting vote.
Robinson has spent her entire career in Eagle Pass, a predominantly Hispanic district with more students than the 10,000 or so enrolled in South San ISD.
In both districts, enrollment is about 97 percent Hispanic and overwhelmingly economically disadvantaged. But Eagle Pass students score better on state tests and graduation rates are higher than those in South San.
The selection of an outsider could be seen as a fresh start for the board, which fired Superintendent Ron Durbon last year for failure to fully investigate claims of pornography found on district computers.

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 Alejandra Plata and Helena Aguirre participate in our local political process in support of Poncho Nevarez who at the end of the day walked away with a victory with 8,263 votes to Garza with 4,216 and Valdez with 2,739. Many of the supporters working at the voting places were related or close friends of the candidate and often stood out in the heat and sun for hours.

Mendoza receives prestigious scholar-athlete award

Leader & Times
Friday, 25 May 2012 10:17 

Recent Turpin graduate Matt Mendoza was one of only ten high school football players in the state of Oklahoma to receive the Scholar-Athlete Award chosen by the Jim Thorpe Association and the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame in conjunction with the Oklahoma Chapter of the National Football Foundation & College Hall of Fame. 

This is the same organization that annually awards the Jim Thorpe Trophy to the top defensive back in college football.

On the football field Mendoza earned All-State honors as a running back and also played linebacker for the Cardinals. In the classroom he earned a 4.0 grade point average as this year’s co-Valedictorian.

“It’s exciting and an honor to be associated with anything the Jim Thorpe Association is doing,” coach and father of Matt, Mario Mendoza said. “He put tremendous effort and hard work into football and into his school work.”

Matt will receive the award June 11 at an awards banquet held at the Jim Thorpe Museum and Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City. He has signed earlier this season to continue his football career at Southwestern Oklahoma State University in Weatherford, Oklahoma.

Matt is the grandson of Lupe Mendoza and the late Julio Mendoza and Son of Mario(class of 78) & Ranae Mendoza.

Skanska to build hotel, expand casino in Texas

The Wall Street Journal
By Niclas Rolander

STOCKHOLM (MarketWatch) -- Swedish construction company Skanska AB (SKA-B.SK) said Wednesday it has signed a $46.5 million contract with the Kickapoo Traditional Tribe of Texas to construct a hotel and expand and renovate its existing casino in Eagle Pass, Texas.

-The project includes the addition of an about 17,000 square meter, 250-room hotel facility with restaurants, retail space, meeting rooms and a fitness center, as well as the 7,400 square meter renovation and expansion of the existing casino facility.

-Construction for the project will begin in June 2012 and is expected to complete by August 2013.

-Shares closed Tuesday at SEK99.15.

Maverick County makes national news again

by Robert Castillo

EAGLE PASS, TX - In a CNN news story, it was pointed out that Maverick County now holds the highest minority birth rate in the entire country. According to their information, 96.8% of all births in Maverick County are attributed to minorities. There was no mention whether other than Hispanics are in the high percentage. Strikingly, this conversely shows that only 3.2% percent are not considered a minority.

Winn Softball team ends its season

by Roberto Castillo
May 4, 2012

SAN ANTONIO - The Eagle Pass CC Winn softball team lost to Edinburg North on Friday with a final score of 2-0 in a one-game area round match which advanced the winner to the regional quarterfinals. CC Winn was unable to score any runs and the Edinburg Lady Cougars took the lead when they scored twice in the sixth innning. This loss eliminates CC Winn from further competition. Photos by SouthSaToday.Com/Robert Castillo. Click on FLICKR to see more photos.
es Winn Softball team ends its season 

The Class of 1970 & Friends at Chris Madrids

Webposted: Dec 30, 2011

SAN ANTONIO - Classmates from the Class of 1970 and friends continue to get together and they did it again last night by meeting at the well-known Chris Madrids in northside San Antonio. Throughout the year, this group has met almost monthly  in San Antonio.  On last night's menu were the famous Machoburger for some. 
Some travel from Eagle Pass to San Antonio to meet while others have already relocated and now work or reside in the Alamo City.
It is during this "mixers" that the group often shares life's milestones while at the same time reminisce about the way it was.  
The group always welcomes all others that may not necessarily be from the Class of 1970 to join them. They urge anyone that wants to be notified of future gatherings to contact Jane Castillo at janercastillo@yahoo.com.
Vangie and Benito Reza helped organize last night's event and while at Chris Madrids they met another family from Eagle Pass having lunch at the same time, which goes to show that Eagle Passans are everywhere. 

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Published in San Antonio, Texas