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1973 Albert Hernandez
1973 Alicia (Bibi) Zamarripa Hieftje
1973 Alma R. Esquivel
1973 Beco Maldonado
1973 Craig Farquhar
1973 Danny Palos
1973 Donald P. Jackson
1973 Dora Libson
1973 Edward Robinson
1973 Eloisa M Rodriguez
1973 Enrique Maldonado
1973 Ernesto Montalvo
1973 Graciela G. Barrera
1973 Graciela Garcia Barrera
1973 Irma Yolanda Keenon Orozco
1973 Jerry Grossenbacher
1973 Johnny J Ruiz Jr
1973 Johnny J. Ruiz Jr.
1973 Jose Zurdo Menchaca
1973 Juan CHUCO Mejia
1973 Juan Carlos Solis
1973 Kenyon R Behrens
1973 Leticia A Sanchez
1973 Lou Garza
1973 Lupe Berlanga Montez
1973 Ma. Teresa Cruz Lopez
1973 Margie Mejia
1973 Maria Guadalupe Berlanga Montez
1973 Maria Lilia Cerna
1973 Martha Menchaca Stolowski
1973 Melissa Lee Hall
1973 Morris Lisbon
1973 Nell Wrigley Smith
1973 Richard Guerra
1973 Rick Morgan
1973 Robert S. Garza
1973 rodolfo moncada jr
1973 Rodolfo Rudy Guerrero
1973 Rolando (Rolly) Gomez
1973 Ron Encarnacion Gonzalez
1973 Rose Foster Przenieslo
1973 Sandra Endlich Arias
1973 Santos Gloria
1973 Santos Hernandez
1973 Teresa Tovar
1973 Tito Torralba
1973 Tomas Chavez Jr
1973 Willie Flores
1973 Yolanda Castillon Brossman

An email message is being sent to all 1973 classmates that have their email address listed with EPalumni.Com. The message simply asked that you contact either Dora Libson or Eloisa Rodriguez and give them your feedback and your choice of date to have your reunion.

At this same time, we ask you to please help us reach as many class grads as possible so that we can get word to them as well.

If you prefer to contact us by phone, these are our numbers; Eloisa Rodriguez 830-776-0599 and Dora Libson 830-968-6268.

We hope to hear from all of you.

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Mark your calendar now! Our 35th-Year Reunion will be after Christmas on December 26-27, 2008. We will have activities on Friday through Saturday. What can you do now for the Reunion? Mark your calendar and begin contacting friends. Is there someone you have not seen since the 30th, 25th, 20th, and 10th Year Reunion or not since graduation? Call them and get them to join us to spend some time together remembering old times and friends.


FRIDAY, December 26 7:00 P.M. TO ?
Registration and Welcome!
Bowling Alley

SATURDAY, December 27 6:30 P.M.
Mass: Place To Be Announced
8:00 P.M. Dinner/Dance
International Trade Center

To cover the expenses for the Reunion a registration fee of $50.00 per person will be required. In order to complete our plans for the different events, we ask for your payment in advance by December 10, 2008. And, additional donations will be accepted, please contact

Eloisa Rodriguez
2409 Zacatecas Dr.
Eagle Pass, TX 78852
776-0599 (CELL) 773-7022 (HOME)

and/or Morris Libson, Jr. (830-773-6268). 2205 Zacatecas Dr.
Eagle Pass, TX 78852
830-968-6268 (CELL) 773-6268 (HOME)

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