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1985 Maria Luisa "Poti" Elizondo Wade.

1998 Paul R. Arredondo III

NEW PAGE...check to see how many fellow alumni live near you. We still have many that we lack locations. Maybe you can help by letting us know. R. Castillo

We are trying to bring this site back to life

From Roberto Castillo, Epalumni.Com

Three will now be in the race for Maverick County Sheriff after Jose Guadalupe Huerta announced his candidacy for the position. Huerta is expected to formally file in the near future. Salvador Rios held his registration ceremony this past Sunday at the VFW. Posted 12/13/07

The vote was unanimous as the County Commissioners court met on Monday and voted to accept the city's new contract which brought them one step closer to restoring emergency services and garbage collection. The city is now expected to meet in regular session and consider the county's acceptance. If accepted, payment negotiations will begin. Posted 12/11/07

Gerald "Jerry" Morales publicly announced his candidacy for the position of County Commission Precinct 1 yesterday. In his opening statements he indicated that his concern is the improvement of infruastructure, monitoring accountability and to improve the relations with governmental agencies. He plans to file for the postion this coming Friday. Posted 12/09/07

According to a published news story in the Zocalo, Mayor Chad Foster has indicated that they are attempting to come to an agreement concerning the County debt and its payment so that emergency services and trash collection can be restored. The matter was taken before the court and a mediator, Roberto Gonzalez, was appointed to mediate between the City and County to try and resolve this matter. If the matter is not resolved, the court could then impose a decision. According to the story, City manager Glen Stames responded to Judge Jose Aranda saying that Aranda worries more about his public image than the necessities of the people he represents. Foster acknowledge that the measures taken by the City are drastic but that something had to be done in light of the County Commissioners refusal to cover the County's debt to the City. Posted 12/09/07 .

According to a published news story, Salvador Rios has officially announced his candidacy for the position of Maverick County Sheriff; a position he held for 10 years but lost in his last election in 2004. A registration ceremony will be held this coming Sunday at 3pm at the VFW. Not included in the story was the specuclation that Raul Trevino, the current jail warden and ex-mayor would run for the position. Nothing else has been heard that would suggest this will be taking place. .

.The class of 76 is having a casual get together on Dec 28 2007 The party will be at Julie Martinez home located at 2444 San Juan. .

In a related news story, it is reported that Saul Hernandez, age 35, was transported to San Antonio medical facilities on Monday after he was found by one of his brothers at home with what has been described as a self-inflicted gun shot to the face. Hernandez did not survive the gun shot and passed away. According to the story, Eagle Pass Police Chief, Juan Antonio Castaneda has indicated that it is being investigated as a possible suicide. Saul is the brother of City employee, Celestino Hernandez. .

The Maverick County Jr. Livestock Show is scheduled for this coming January 15-19 starting with their traditional Cowboy Breakfast. Eagle Pass and its business community have always played a major part of its success. Looking forward to it again this year. .

Two County office holders are expected to register their candidacy for the same positions they currently hold. Sheriff Tomas Herrera has publicly indicated that he plans to run again citing unfinished programs he wants to continue. Precinct 3 County Commission David Saucedo will also be filing his application for another term for his postion that reportedly pays approximately $40,000 yearly. Expectations are that both will be challenged with opponents registering soon. .

The Class of 1976 will be getting together again this year for Christmas but we do not have an exact date. This is a great idea for other graduating classes since many would be home for the holidays. Maria Dena might be able to give you more info at her email address. Thanks Maria Dena for the message. .

The much anticipated court appearance of four defendents of the "Kikapoo Trial' which took place in Federal court in Waco Texas has been changed from November 28th to December 19th. Guilty of varying counts, were Isidro Garza, Marta Garza, Timoteo Garza and Lee Martin. All will be sentenced at that time. .

Sylvia Serrano - Diaz has announced her intentions to run for the position of county commission of precinct 1 which covers the greater part of Las Quintas Fronterizas. It is not known if she will have an opponent in that race but it is expected that she will. The current commissioner is Eliaz Maldonado.

To the organizers of the Class of 1967: We have gotten numerous requests for reunion pictures from your classmates and many others. The reunion took place in October of this year. We hope to get some soon so we can display them on their website. Waiting. EPalumni.Com.

Our thanks to Irma Santos Kong and Emma Yancy-Andalon from the Class of 1987 for sending us the long-awaited photos from the last reunion. We will rotate them daily and you can see the first one by CLICKING HERE .

The Class of 1988 has a reunion website on the right side column of this page which will serve to get messages out to their fellow classmates about developing plans. They are in their very preliminary plans and seek input from all classmates. We will pass on any new info. Mary Gonzales is accepting email for the class at this time.

Attention all EPHS Class of 1973 class members:

Class President Eloisa Rodriguez has announced that the 35th Year Reunion for the EPHS Class of 1973 will be held in Eagle Pass during the Labor Day Weekend Aug.29-31,2008.

More details will be forthcoming soon.

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