Some thoughts on the 25th Reunion of the Class of ’77

Once again, the reunion committee, comprised of, Letty Hundley-Sandoval, Leo & Alma Buentello, Carmen Regalado-Flores, Ismael Martinez (Smiley), Alejandro Guedea Jr., Gene Escobedo, Oscar Mallen, Adelina Flores-Bica, and Yvonne Cervantes-Escobedo, have outdone themselves.   The 1977 25th class reunion was a veritable success.   Their attention to detail made the entire three days a blast.  The next reunion committee will surely have big shoes to fill in preparation for the 30th reunion.

Perhaps the only disappointing part is that because of prior commitments or unforseen events many classmates were unable to attend.  I say disappointing,  because reunion time is a chance to renew old friendships and to begin new ones.  Not attending the festivities deprives those of us who do attend the opportunity to catch up with former classmates with whom we grew up.

Indeed, a few of us made the long trek from all over the United States, California, New Jersey and New Hampshire, in order to once again be with classmates and feel like we once did, young and eager to face new challenges.   Other classmates came despite road closings due to floods, which seemed to be the order of the week.  Yet, others still made it a point to reschedule their work, and fill gallon jugs with water for their misbehaving radiator, in order to share at least one night with former classmates.

Coming back to our class reunions gives us the opportunity to melt away the years that have passed, to reconnect with our roots and to marvel at how much we have grown as individuals.  Certainly one of the things that I am always amazed at, is the personal stories that each classmate has to tell.  To hear of their challenges along the way and realize that their lives in one way or another is parallel to one’s own.

To those of you who were unable to attend this reunion for whatever reason, I hope that you will be able to attend the 30th .  We all have our lives to live, and whatever our chosen path is, that is who we are, plain and simple.  When we attend our reunions, we come not to brag or boast but rather to sit, laugh and unwind, to be our carefree selves as we once were in high school.  It is for this opportunity that I wish to send my most heartfelt thanks to the formidable reunion committee of the Class of ’77.


Dolores Mireles-Blow (Loly)