Class of 1977
25th Year Reunion

Graphic Intensive Page - Patience Required
Happy to make it to the 25th reunion, is Jando Guedea, Dolores Mireles, Bonnie Cervantes and most honorable Judge Escobedo, la Pee Wa, Carmen Regalado and Hubby Mr. Regalado.
Holding up the wall at the dance.
Table of 10 friends 
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Mallen, John and Deana Wuenche resting before the Cotton Eyed Joe starts. 
Dolores Mireles and hubby Tony Blow, all the way from Nashua, NH and on the extreme opposite side of the United States, California are Alma Garza and hubby Ralph Boubel saying goodbye. 
Saul Rodriguez, Dora Madera, Letty Hundley, Leo Buentello, Liz Johnson, and Dolores Mireles, ready to drink, eat and be merry. 
Minerva Chavez making the memories last on celluloid
Dancing to música de mariachi. 
A special treat from Leo to Alma on their 20th anniversary.
Hall entrance decorations.
Classy arrangements made for the night event.
Dolores Mireles and hubby Tony Blow raring to dance.
Letty Hundley and Dolores Mireles having a good hair day!
Alma & Leo dancing and celebrating the anniversary.