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1993 Brian Edlund
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1993 Cesar Barrientos
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1993 Cristina McKinney- Mason
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1993 Cristina Puente- Cerna - Valedictorian
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1993 Emma Chivis Salinas
1993 Fabian Rodriguez
1993 Frank Solis
1993 Gianina Gomez
1993 Glenda Lopez
1993 Gloria Garcia Chavarria
1993 Hall Bowles
1993 Heriberto Morales Jr
1993 Irma L. Jimenez Martinez
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1993 Janell Ibarra Fernandez
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1993 Javier Guerrero
1993 Jerry Morales
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1993 Laura Cavazos
1993 Laura Hiller
1993 Laura Hiller
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1993 Lisa Rodriquez
1993 Lourdes Ramirez
1993 Ludy Chavarria
1993 Magaly Castillo Ramirez
1993 Marco A Hernandez
1993 Maria E Valdez
1993 Maribel Cárdenas
1993 Maribel Cárdenas
1993 Maribel Morin
1993 Mario Martinez
1993 Martin R. Guajardo
1993 Migdalia Adan
1993 Monica R Rodriguez
1993 Monica R Rodriguez- Ramirez
1993 Nacho Sandoval
1993 Nelda Martinez
1993 Norma Castillo Casas
1993 Omar Oyervides
1993 Patty Pete Rodrigues
1993 Raul "Pato" Vielma
1993 Raul Vielma
1993 Richard Guajardo
1993 Richard Guajardo
1993 Robert Etter
1993 Robert Ruiz Jr.
1993 Rogelio Lozano
1993 Rolando Cordova
1993 Rosa A Rodriguez
1993 Sara Elizondo Olla
1993 Saulo Alonso Rodriguez
1993 Sergio De La Garza Diego
1993 Veronica Dovalina Rodriguez
1993 Veronica Gonzales
1993 Selinda Silva Chacon

Class of 1993

To:Class of 1993
From: Selinda Silva Chacon
Subject : Update

Last week the reunion committee had a booth at the annual Noches Mexicana. Unfortunately we did not do as well as we anticipated (weather, lack of attendance at the carnival) . The next fundraiser we are scheduled to have is a lock in at the local Peter Piper Pizza. This event is scheduled for May 30th. If you are curious as to how this works and are interested in helping out contact me via email. The committee has also decided to have a raffle between now and May 30th. Our goal is to sell 1000 tickets. This goal can only be accomplished if we receive help from more classmates. If you are able to help us out with this project contact either me or Patty Pete. All information regarding these next two fundraisers will be discussed at our next meeting, which will be held Monday April 7th at Peter Piper Pizza at 6:00pm.

Many have asked how they can help us out if you live out of town. You can help us out with money donations or ask a family member who lives in town to help sell raffle tickets for us.

I hope to see more classmates at our next meeting and if you can not make it contact me via email just to say hi and to get a mailing address going for the reunion.

Selinda Silva Chacon selindachacon@hotmail.com

From: Selinda Silva Chacon
To:Class of 1993

On March 17th the reunion committee held a meeting at Pancho Villa's. It was at this meeting that we discussed the following topics:

-Noches Mexicana-- On March 27-29 our class will have a booth. We decided to sell tacos and chicken wings.

-A schedule of two hour intervels was available for those who could help us out those three nights. There are still many slots that need to be filled.

-We also discussed on how to involve the rest of our classmates. (out of 500 some graduates there are only 15 people who have been helping us out) .

-Our next meeting will be held on Monday March 24th at 6:00pm at Pancho Villa's.

We hope to see more of our fellow graduates at our next meeting. If you are unable to attend and wish to help us out, feel free to contact me via email at selindachacon@hotmail.com

Selinda Silva Chacon


From: "Fernandez, Janell" 
To: 1993 Alumni

A meeting was held Monday, March 3. The following topics were discussed:

We finalized the chicken plate sale we had and were able to raise an approximate amount of $965.00.--Pretty good despite the horrible weather we had that day!!

Upcoming fund-raiser will be at the Noches Mexicanas on March 27, 28, and 29. We will be selling seven steak tacos and chicken wings, of course to be cooked by Rudy Chacon (we couldn't make it without him). Make sure you let all your relatives and friends to go out and support our sale.

We would like to mention that we had three more Class of '93 members attend the meeting last night and they are Gloria Garcia-Chavarria, Maribel Flores, and Hilda De Leon.

As I mentioned before we are proudly accepting donations for the big weekend. Checks can be made payable to Class of 1993. However, if you will be in town the weekend of the Noches Mexicanas, make sure and go by to help out. We need all the help we can get, even if it is just to cut meat !!

Any questions or comments, please let us know, we will try to do our best.

Janell Ibarra-Fernandez

Checks can be made to Class of '93. 
My address: Janell Fernandez 
Phone: work 830-758-8818 1900 

Roberto Manuel Cr. cell 830-968-9241 
Eagle Pass, Texas 78852 

Janell Ibarra-Fernandez 

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